Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gaming 4 Profit??

I actually forgot how much money there was to be made by simply playing a game. I sold my EVE-Online account earlier for $350.00 USD. Besides EVE, what other games are easy to profit in? Lots to be made, just have to find it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Earn a Little Extra Cash

Hey guys, was browsin earlier and came across a new website to make some extra $$ for us lazy bastards who don't like to work. If you're going to check it out please go through my link so I can get you as a referral. Pretty much all you do is sign up and check it each day, not joking. Plus it's a brand new site so there is lots of opportunity :) Thoughts?


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spilling Hot Liquid on Yourself

Pissed me off, went to Starbucks (Apparently California's crack) got some crazy ass scorching hot drink, had to use one of the cardboard heat things so I didn't burn myself. Went out to my car, was backing up and trying to place my coffee in the holder, top pops off and it slips from my fingers... Burned my legs, dick and ass pretty bad. I wanted to go back in there and strangle the little bearded shit who put the lid on my drink.

Now I'm sitting here with baggies of ice all over myself.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just drove 7 hours...

During which time I noticed how many jacked up cars there really are. I counted 58 with atleast one headlight out, 21 with an out taillight, 4 with no brake lights completely,  and a minimum of 37 with expired tags. Nothing pisses me off more than people being lazy and not fixing the obvious things on their vehicles.

/end of rant

Post-Apoc Game

Was just playing L4D2 earlier, and thought to myself... Wow someone needs to come out with a realism post-apocalyptic game. Whether it be MMORPG or like L4D2. Pretty much Mad Max theme in terms of survival. Thoughts?

Disturbed: Asylum

Talk about a kick ass new album - For sale super cheap at Best Buy too. Got it for like 10 bucks plus tax. If you like Disturbed I would definitely take advantage of the price and go pick a copy up. They also have some cool contests going on facebook and their website. Love it.

Labor Day Weekend

Well, to sum it up, my labor day went by way to fast - And I don't even drink. Pretty much hung out with friends, went to Boomers and did the whole go-carts, laser tag, and miniature golf thing. Had a good time anyways, ended up soaking everyone in  the bumper boats.

Game Modeling Site

Was browsing for low poly game modeling tutorials and came across Low Poly Community. There are a couple tutorials there, it's a good site,it just needs more members. Feel free to check them out, I signed up and hopefully will post some tutorials of my own over there. Anywhere from WINGS3D to MAX.